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SMASHMATHS - Greetings to Ms. Helen S and her international class from DECV! MASHMATHS - featured on Melbourne University's Bastow Institute's Leading Numeracy website - - Interactive Learning for the Australian Mathematics Curriculum

Mapping                                   Year    1     2     3     4     5     6

Year 1 - Give and follow directions to familiar locations. <back to top>

Grid Zoo - BBC

Help Molly use co-ordinates to describe where animals are located on the zoo's map.

Year 2 - Interpret simple maps of familiar locations and identify the relative positions of key features. <back to top>

Hidden Ships

Click the correct co-ordinates to uncover the hidden ships.


Use direction and transformation to help Shaun, Shirley and Timmy work together to get safely back to the barn. Takes a while to load but worth the wait!

Year 3 - Create and interpret simple grid maps to show position and pathways. <back to top>


Use your understanding of direction and transformation to help Shaun, Shirley and Timmy work together to get safely back to the barn. Takes a while to load but worth the wait!

Bike Route

Use maps and grids to help help Inez run errands.

Year 4 - Use simple scales, legends and directions to interpret information contained in basic maps. <back to top>

Virus Hunt

Locate the hidden virus on the island using your map and compass. Limited amount of time before the virus takes over the island! ARGGGHHHH!

Billy Bug 1

Use your knowledge of X and Y co-ordinates to feed Billy the Bug. And he talks!

Year 5 - Use a grid reference system to describe locations. Describe routes using landmarks and directional language. <back to top>

Billy Bug 2

Use your knowledge of four quadrant co-ordinates to feed Billy the Bug. Good luck. You're going to need it!

Battleship Online NEW!

Press 'Friend', send the link to someone else and play each other on your own computers! Or play a random person. Have fun!

Catch the Fly

Use four quadrant co-ordinates to see if you can CATCH THE FLY!

Dino Dig

You are an archaelogist searching for dinosaur bones. Use the grid to put in the coordinates to see where to dig.

Send Mario Home

Use your grid location and direction skills to get Mario home!

Year 6 - Introduce the Cartesian coordinate system using all four quadrants. <back to top>

Cartesian Alien

A coordinates game that uses all four quadrants. You have 30 seconds to shoot as may aliens as possible!

Stock the Shelves HERE for MOBILE

Sammy has two minutes to stock the shelves full of his customer’s favorite drink. It is your job to put them there using coordinates. You have two minutes to stock all 20 bottles. If you are successful, Sammy can open the store on time. If not, he must close for the day and lose lots of MONEY!

The Lost Temple

Help Raleigh to uncover the lost temple by plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate grid.

Coordinate Plane Jeopardy

A quiz game where you identify graphing points, quadrants and axes. For 1 - 4 players.

More on Transformations - Scale

What happens when you enlarge a shape?

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