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SMASHMATHS - Greetings to Ms. Helen S and her international class from DECV! MASHMATHS - featured on Melbourne University's Bastow Institute's Leading Numeracy website - - Interactive Learning for the Australian Mathematics Curriculum

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My name is Steve Donohue and I hope you find useful.
I’ve been a full time teacher in Australia (all over the place) and overseas for around 21 years (yes, that IS a lot of yard duties and roll calling!).

The idea for occurred to me as my teaching partner at the time, the fabulous Amy Miers, and l, were doing a mad trawl through the net looking for something (on symmetry l think it was…). It dawned on me there must be many people like us doing the same thing every day/night. My next thought was…

'Wouldn’t it be great if all that searching for interactive stuff could be pooled together for all of us to use?'

It would save us all oodles of time (who has time in a school?!) and we could pick and choose activities rather than madly scramble for whatever we found in the miniscule amount of time we had to find it.

So I’ve come up with

All the great stuff to teach and support mathematics in our classrooms (and at home) are categorised by topic and then ordered according to year level.

Have a wander though. Use whatever works for the topic you are teaching/learning.

And if you happen to be doing ‘Symmetry’ make sure you look at ‘Symmetry Artist’ in ‘SHAPE’ in Year 5– it’s fantastic fun!


Mr. D

Any suggestions? Please feel free to contact me at the following address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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